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The 2008 SELinux Developer Summit is to be held in Ottawa on the 21st or 22nd of July, as an OLS mini-summit. This event has not yet been officially announced.

Event Overview

The SELinux Developer Summit will be a one day summit intended to provide a forum for focused technical discussion regarding current and future development plans for SELinux. The intended audience will consist of current SELinux developers, system/security administrators, distribution organizers/packagers, and power users. The format will be a mix of presentations and moderated discussion, including a panel where attendees will be invited to submit questions and feedback.

This year's presentations and discussions will be divided into two categories: usability and infrastructure. General usability of SELinux systems has consistently improved but, with increasingly wide adoption of SELinux, also become ever more important. Usability topics we plan on addressing include policy development, administration of SELinux enabled systems, and desktop integration including X11. The core infrastructure topics include embedded systems, label translation, userspace object managers, network filesystems, and labeled networking.

Call for Presentations




  • Welcome, agenda finalization
  • State of the project overview (invited talk)
  • Technical presentations (20-30 mins each, no papers)
  • Lunch
  • Discussions/panels
  • Lighting talks
  • Informal dinner


Please discuss general issues relating to the summit on the SELinux Mailing List.

Organizing Team

The 2008 organizing team is as follows:

  • Serge Hallyn <> (IBM)
  • Paul Moore <> (HP)
  • James Morris <> (Red Hat)
  • Chad Sellers <> (Tresys)
  • Stephen Smalley <> (NSA)

To contact the team as a group, send email to

Previous Events

2006 Developer Summit Baltimore, MD.