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=== Raw list of submitted abstracts === === Raw list of submitted abstracts ===
-* [[Developer_Summit_2009/Abstracts/Quigley_Labeled_NFS|State of Labeled NFS Effort]] Dave Quigley+ 
 +* [[Developer_Summit_2009/Abstracts/Quigley_Labeled_NFS|Labeled NFS Community Involvement]] - Dave Quigley (NSA)
 +* [[Developer_Summit_2009/Abstracts/E_Walsh_X|Update on Flask/TE Support for X]] - Eamon Walsh (NSA)
 +* [[Developer_Summit_2009/Abstracts/Carter_Policy|Work on a Higher-Level Policy Language]] - James Carter (NSA)
 +* [[Developer_Summit_2009/Abstracts/Tricca_Pending|Video Streaming in Policy Confined Environments]] - Philip Tricca (USAF)
 +* [[Developer_Summit_2009/Abstracts/Brindle_Policy_1|A New Policy Infrastructure for SELinux]] Joshua Brindle (Tresys)
 +* [[Developer_Summit_2009/Abstracts/Brindle_Policy_2|Policy Distribution]] Joshua Brindle (Tresys)
 +* [[Developer_Summit_2009/Abstracts/Brindle_Policy_3|Refpolicy and Userspace]] Joshua Brindle (Tresys)
 +* [[Developer_Summit_2009/Abstracts/Jaeger_Virt|Analysis of Flask Policies in VM Systems]] Trent Jaeger (PSU)

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[edit] Raw list of submitted abstracts

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