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  • How to upgrade a system from a previously SELinux-disabled system (e.g. how to ensure any restored data like /home is correctly labeled)
  • Update and organize the Fedora SELinux FAQ.
  • Explain how and when to use semanage fcontext, port, login and user.
  • Explain how to interpret an AVC message and how to get additional information via SYSCALL audit, including how to add a simple syscall audit filter to enable collection of PATH information.
  • Write a HOWTO for writing simple policy modules.
  • Write a HOWTO for how to iteratively generate policy using audit2allow and permissive domains.
  • A brief high-level user-oriented overview of SELinux which people can use to understand what SELinux does, how it's part of a defense in depth approach, the value it provides and what is involved in using it effectively (e.g. set expectations of benefit/cost).