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Experimenters Corner

This section contains example source code and policy modules that may be useful for experimenting with.

There is an experiment that uses different x_contexts file entries to see what effect they have when using X-selections. This is split into two sections:

  • Tests based on the way the Reference Policy manages labeling.
  • Tests that make use of the polyinstantiation features of the X object manager/XACE services.

There is also a simple test program that can be used to call the 23 XSELinux functions that are built into the X-Windows object manager.

The samples code etc. can be found at:


  1. It is recommended that the Notebook Source file is installed in your $HOME as this contains all the configuration files and source code required to produce the required modules. It also contains README and a simple Makefile for each section.
  2. If you find any errors on these pages or the tests do not work then drop me an email (richard_c_haines@btinternet.com) and I'll fix the errors, give help etc. All the examples were tested many times using Fedora-12 as the base OS, but errors could have crept in while writing the pages.