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  • change Kconfig to use select instead of depends (eparis RH BZ# 228899)
  • remove secondary module stacking code (eparis RH BZ#231890)
  • security_port_sid needs optimization (eparis RH BZ#234531)
  • explicitly set i_ino on all creations in selinuxfs (eparis RH BZ#235248)
  • allow undefined classes and permissions in kernel (eparis RH BZ#235280)
  • Reduce memory usage of selinux structs (eparis RH BZ#235284)
  • fine grained enforcement of sysfs objects (RH BZ#228902)
  • labeled net needs better passing of labels over loopback
  • additional support of a security netfilter table for secmark/net forwarding
  • Normalize the SELinux in-kernel API.
  • Namespacing of SELinux global functions and variables.
  • NFSv4 support
  • KVM controls
  • Finer-grained proc checking (so that we don't require full ptrace permission just to read process state),
  • Improve/fix ioctl checking (see prior discussions on selinux and linux-security-module list),
  • Revoke memory-mapped file access upon policy change or setxattr.
  • Real device labeling and access control (i.e. bind a label to a device in the kernel irrespective of what device node is used to access it so that a process that can create any device nodes at all can't effectively bypass all device access controls just by creating an arbitrary node to any device in a type accessible to it),
  • Full APIs for getting and setting security contexts of sockets and IPC objects.
  • Polyinstantiated ports
  • Increased granularity for Generic Netlink

Know Bugs: exporting nfs with the nohide options causes problems on ia64 clients (struct nfs_mount_data corruption)