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Labeled NFS TODO List

This page contains a list of TODO items for the Labeled NFS project. Each section describes the high level task and subtasks identified for the task so far. These sections also have a brief description of the current status and progress of each task.

Task List

Linux Prototype Tasks

  • Label Translation Framework
  • Provide a mechanism to allow NFSD to determine a context to perform operations as
  • Implement RPCSECGSSv3
  • Develop MLS CALIPSO Translation Module (Preferably Linux/FreeBSD portable)

IETF Tasks:

  • Policy Format Specification Document
  • CALIPSO MLS Format Specification Document

FreeBSD 8.0 Prototype Tasks

  • Implement MAC Recommended attribute
  • Implement RPCSECGSSv3
  • Implement Translation Framework
  • Implement CALIPSO MLS Translation Module