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FAQs and Documentation

SELinux Tools (canonical list with explanations)

Fedora 11 SELinux User Guide


Fedora SELinux FAQ

Reference policy documentation

NSA SELinux documentation

Tresys SELinux resources

Understanding SELinux memory protection controls

Portuguese Documentation Hardening Linux Usando Controle de Acesso Mandatório

SELinux Booleans Documentation at the Centos Wiki

Writing policy for confined SELinux users Red Hat Magazine article by Dan Walsh.

Secure Linux containers cookbook by Serge Hallyn of IBM.

Mailing lists

NSA SELinux mailing list (Unofficial searchable list archive)

Fedora SELinux mailing list (Fedora SELinux list archive)

Debian SELinux announcement mailing list (Debian SELinux announcement list archive)

Debian SELinux devel mailing list (Debian SELinux devel list archive)

Debian SELinux user mailing list (Debian SELinux user list archive)

Gentoo Hardened mailing list (Gentoo Hardened list archive)

Ubuntu Hardened mailing list (Ubuntu Hardened list archive)

OpenSolaris FMAC mailing list (OpenSolaris FMAC list archive)

Tresys SELinux Reference Policy development mailing list (Tresys SELinux Reference Policy development list archive)

IRC channel #selinux channel #fedora-selinux


Russian Fedora SELinux Wiki

SELinux Community News

Planet SELinux

NSA SELinux website

SELinux Symposium 2005-2007

Tresys Open Source Server

Fedora SELinux project wiki

Hardened Gentoo's SELinux project page

Debian SELinux wiki

Engarde SELinux page

Ubuntu SELinux wiki

OpenSolaris Flexible MAC project

Japanese SELinux Users Group

Russell Coker's SELinux Site








SELinux Policy IDE (SLIDE)

SETools Policy Analysis Suite

Cross Domain Solution Framework

SELinux Policy Editor