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This is the official Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) project page. Here you will find resources for users, administrators, vendors and developers.

For an account, send email to jmorris AT

'''Note''': This site is now somewhat historical: please visit for up to date development information.

= What is SELinux =
SELinux is a security enhancement to Linux which allows users and administrators more control over access control.

Access can be constrained on such variables as which users and applications can access which resources.  These resources may take the form of files. Standard Linux access controls, such as file modes (-rwxr-xr-x) are modifiable by the user and the applications which the user runs.  Conversely, SELinux access controls are determined by a policy loaded on the system which may not be changed by careless users or misbehaving applications.

SELinux also adds finer granularity to access controls. Instead of only being able to specify who can read, write or execute a file, for example, SELinux lets you specify who can unlink, append only, move a file and so on. SELinux allows you to specify access to many resources other than files as well, such as network resources and interprocess communication (IPC).

For more information about SELinux see the [[FAQ]] and other resources listed here.


[[NewUsers | New Users]]

[[AdminDocs | Administrators and users]]

[[AdvancedUsers | Advanced Users]]



[[Conferences | SELinux summit and conference information]]

[[User Resources | Additional Resources]]

[[:Category:UseCases | Use cases]]</rev>